2' 5" x 4' 6" Cotton G-SPEC American Flag (Fully Sewn & Lock Stitched)

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There was an executive order created by the government dictating the fly to hoist ratio, diameter of the stars, and the width of stripes on the American flag in 1958. This order governs only flags made for or by the U.S. federal government. Most U.S. national flags are sold to the public have a different length-to-width ratio, like our 3' x 5' flag. Even flags flown over the Capitol are these more common, more generic sizes.

  • Double stitched canvas header
  • Extra large stars
  • Made in America
Which Material is Right for YOU?

Nylon: The nylon material is lightweight and durable, making this our most popular material for the G-Spec flag.
Cotton: The cotton flag is designed for mostly military funerals or inside for display. It is not recommended for outdoor use because cotton fades and deteriorates faster under outdoor elements.