2' x 3' Nylon Outdoor American Flag (Fully Sewn & Lock Stitched) with Sleeve

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All of our Outdoor American Flags (Fully Sewn & Lock Stitched) have:
  • 13 sewn stripes representing the original 13 colonies
  • 50 embroidered stars representing every state in the union
  • Reinforced lock stitching, making them the most durable flags sold
  • UV protection to prolong the life of the vibrant colors
8' x 12' flags and larger have:
  • A nylon rope and galvanized thimbles instead of a canvas header
  • Extra stitching on the corners of the fly end
10' x 19' flags and larger have:
  • Appliqued stars


Motto: "In God We Trust"
Capital: Washington, D.C.
Language(s): None
Currency: United States Dollar $
Government: Federal Presidential Constitutional Republic
Flag Meaning: The 13 stripes represents the 13 original colonies and the 50 stars stands for the 50 states. The red is for valor, white symbolizes liberty, and the blue stands for justice.