4' x 6' Argentina Flag with Sleeve & Gold Fringe

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Enjoy the Argentinian culture? Take a piece with you wherever you go with this Argentina flag!

  • Made in America
  • Authentic design
  • 100% nylon
  • Sewn edges
  • 4 rows of lock stitching
  • Polyester canvas heading*
  • Brass grommets*

*Flags with pole sleeve and fringe should be used on our indoor mounting sets. These flags are not designed for hanging on wall or outdoor flagpoles. Any flag with pole sleeve & fringe is finished with lined pole sleeves, leather tabs, and golden yellow fringe on 3 sides.

Motto: "En unión y libertad" / "In Unity and Freedom"
Capital: Buenos Aires
Language(s): Spanish
Currency: Peso
Government: Federal Presidential Constitutional Republic
Flag Meaning: One theory says, the blue represents the Rio de la Plata, and the white symbolizes the metal silver. The emblem is the Sun of May.